Taking Part In Competitions Help In Personality Development

I had had an interest in music and I wanted to learn music, but my parents did not support me to learn this skill. Moreover, there has been no option present for the learning this skill at the place where we used to live during my childhood days.After marriage, I shifted to an urban area, where a lot of options were available to learn new skills and practice it. But, the time I realized that I should join some music classes, I had my son. I decided to teach him music as well. I introduced him to the music classes and gradually he developed interest it.One day, in a newspaper advertisement, I got to know about a competition that was organized by some of musical stars. I give no second thought, whether I should take my son in the completion and make him to participate in it or not. I took him there, filled all the forms let me son take part in the competition. The prize of the competition was many, but for the winner it was an opportunity to ‘win a record player rrrwin a record player nova’. My son gave a great performance there and he won the competition in his category.It was such a pleasure full moment that it cannot be described. In his school, my son has become a star, children of his age group as well as elder to him know him by his name.” 

For me this is the biggest achievement he had so far in his life. Now, whenever I get information about any musical competition, I used to take him there to participate in it. Though, he did not win all the competitions in which he has taken part, but in the majority of them he has secured top three positions.The participation in the completion not only has the advantage that the winner of the event gets all kinds of name and fame, but also there are many other benefits that one gets from the competition such as:

  • Overall personality development of the participant takes place by participating in the musical events.
  • People get a platform to showcase their talent.
  • A Person develops many new skills while competing with other participants.
    So, if you are looking to take part in the completion and want to win a record player smooth, then the details of different competition taking place in your surroundings.