Tips On Training Your Voice

Most of the people I know seems to think that singing is something that you are born with or without. This is actually not true, so don’t feel down. Yes, we do get the tone of our voice from genetics but any voice can be well trained into a perfect singer.  Go here  for more information about private guitar lessons. 

And of course, no I am not going to be putting singing lessons Docklands for you, but I will tell you how you can get your voice trained to wonderful singer. Yes, it is by voice training but it is necessary for you to understand how to make the best of your training.

  • Warm up; you know how we get sore muscles/ knots in our muscles if we run without doing proper warm ups? Well the same scenario can be applied to vocal training as well. If you do not do you warm ups there is a higher risk of your voice getting strained and many other more severe injuries. So before you start singing, keep in mind to do some breathing exercises for a minute or so and warm up your voice by singing from key to key. Another 2 or 3 minutes of that will help you prevent any risks whatsoever.
    • Staying hydrated; we all have gone through that croaky sound that comes with in our voice when we don’t have an adequate amount of water in our voice. This happens because when we are singing our vocal chords moves into various places every second, for this, our chords need to be kept wet and very lubricant so that they can move from one point to another easily. In addition to water, singers also use lemon juice and honey in order keep their voice sound polished and not get it strained.
      • Postures; a good singer always sings from the diaphragm, not their nose or mouth. And to do this properly you need to have your diaphragm posture right. This will enable air to come inside you and have it sing out easily. Some good postures when it comes to singing is having your shoulders back, chest high, the chin facing an angle wish is equal and parallel to the floor you are standing on currently and etc.
        • Train on songs you know; doing scales and such are some things that we get tired of doing, instead, do your training with songs that you know of, and you like. That way you will actually be putting your heart in.
          So personally I find these tips to the top tips on getting voice trained. Hope it helps.